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Target Market

Based on these market trends and profiles of the business and competitors it has been decided to concentrate Plumbsan’s efforts towards the following segments:

  • Contract plumbers handling large projects, which have been awarded by, tender – these projects are hotels, shopping malls and office complexes. Most of these contracts are spread over a time period with high value. One of our directors has been involved in this specific field for many years and has been recognized as a specialist by the large plumbing contractors.
  • Individual developers – these developers are identified as a separate market segment – residential – town houses and up-market housing. Properties – small scale retail and office buildings.
  • Maintenance plumbers – these plumbers are responsible for the general maintenance on residential and commercial buildings.
  • Retail market – Up-market bathroom renovations as well as the D.I.Y. market and home improvement and maintenance by individuals.


Plumbsan has traditionally focused on the established family segment and will continue to pitch its budget priced range sourced from local manufacturers at this segment with the possibility of introducing a badged Plumbsan product when A.Van Niekerk can negotiate a good price with certain suppliers.

Generally, our merchandise is already regarded as the highest quality plumbing and sanitary ware in the market and our sales staff are seen as being technically the best.

We will structure our advertising specifically for each segment and utilize a broader range of promotional options to communicate our message.

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